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We fly from skill to skill in a show of breathtaking physical comedy.



           Short sharp sideshow acts in the                         beautifully appointed Tiny Top tent.

           "We never sleep and neither should you".


  • The talented actor and musician Garance Murard and I join together to present a unique, funny and polished show. We have just finished a tour of France, Switzerland and Germany. We were a hit. Please watch our brief film. 


  • 50 years of performing in over 20 countries. Award winning, physical comedy for cabaret, stage and street. Using uplifting audience involvement to produce a show full of fun. Also available as an MC. Please watch the films of stage and street.

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"From his comic torn and restored newspaper routine to the famous Houdini Sword Box of Death, Tony is handcuffed, blindfolded, locked in a tiny box and speared through the body as the audience laugh and gasp. We mix live music, clown, magic, audience involvement and physical comedy to present a world class spectacular."


"Tony va d’adresse en adresse dans un spectacle stupéfiant de comédie physique. Du journal qu’il déchire puis qu’il restaure à la fameuse «/Houdini Sword Box Of Death/ / /» (la boite à épées d'Houdini), où il se trouve enfermé, les yeux bandés, les mains liées et transpercé de lances, les spectateurs ont d’abord le souffle coupé avant de rire aux éclats!"

SHOW DURATION   :5 min - 50 min (depending on event)

SET UP TIME              : 0.5 seconds

MIN. STAGE SIZE     : 3m X 3m(minimum)

TECHNICAL                : Self sufficient if required. (sound & lights)

AVAILABLE FOR       : Corporate, Street, Cabaret, Circus & Stage.


 celebrating 50 years of entertainment with integrity and a whole lot of fun

   We are LES EXPERTS. We can do anything....